I am a professional triathlete and runner who offers top tier high level coaching. As a coach for 20 years I combine cutting edge state of the art training tools with real world proven results. I also believe strongly in individualization and as such see coaching as a collaborative process so that each athlete gets exactly what they need.

  • What YOU Get

    A full review

    of your past training and race results and provide you a complete analysis of your strengths and places for improvement.

    Get a 100% custom training plan to meet their individual needs

    I work tirelessly to customize a plan that will get you light years ahead of where you are

    Gets unlimited access to me as their coach

    HMU anytime. I am responsive to your needs.


    A small but elite crew of high achieving individuals to help support, motivate and educate you. You will not be alone in your journey.

    Free swag

    As a coach I get access to tons of free stuff. I pass nearly all of it to my athletes.

    Team deals

    I have several generous sponsors able to pass these deals along to you.

  • The best part is that I do this for only $115 a month with no set up cost, or commitment. That' s 1/2 the price of most coaching plans like this.


    My athletes have included: pro athletes, marathon champions, Kona and Boston qualifiers and 70.3 World Championship qualifiers. But I love coaching those who are just looking to challenge themselves and those who are "in it to finish" and just guildence, knowledge and encouragement. As a coach the thing I am most proud of is a nearly 100% finish rate of first time ironman athletes.


    Email me: Evilracingcult@gmail.com or call or text me at 917.608.8356 to level up your racing.